Thursday, 10 October 2013

Fortified with facts

Some time has passed since my last entry. Best intentions crashed swiftly and silently. However, I find myself once again faced with an exam with a month long run up with which to imbibe as much information as possible. Having exhausted traditional methods I am turning to the blogosphere as an alternative means to revise. If I can write vaguely coherently on the subject here then it should stand me in good stead. So, with that in mind I will tackle my next topic; Fortified wines of the world.

As a crude contents page, the blogs will go as follows;

Vins Doux Naturels
Rutherglen Muscat

The key elements of each will be documented, such as;

Climate & Topography
Grape Varieties
Vineyard Management
Terms and Conditions / Classifications
Market Leaders / Brands
Current Market trends
Tasting notes for each style

Plenty to get my teeth into, so one a day (2 on a good day) should about do it! And, to be perfectly honest, it will most likely read a lot better with a glass of fortified wine in hand. I'm writing it with a glass of Manzanilla under the same pretence. Salud!